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Chrysalis Studios Brings Eco-Friendly Real Butterfly Wing Jewelry to GBK’s MTV Movie Awards Celebrit

Charlotte, NC based Chrysalis Studios will have its individually handcrafted, eco-friendly Real Butterfly Wing jewelry on display and included in The Artisan Group® celebrity gift bags at GBK’s MTV Movie Awards Celebrity Gift Lounge, taking place April 10-11, 2015 at an exclusive location in Beverly Hills, CA.

Necklaces included in the GBK 2015 MTV Movie Awards Celebrity Gift Bags

Chrysalis Studios will have on display at The Artisan Group exhibit, its Real Blue Morpho Butterfly Wing Dreamcatcher Necklace, Real Blue Morpho Butterfly Wing Pendant with Swarovski Crystals, Real Sunset Moth Wing Bracelet and Real Monarch Butterfly Wing Cufflinks. Included in each celebrity gift bag will be a Real Butterfly Wing Pendant Necklace, showcasing wings from the Monarch Butterfly, Blue Morpho Butterfly, Sunset Moth and Blue Mountain Swallowtail Butterfly.In each piece, the beauty and wonder of real butterflies is preserved by embedding the wings under magnified glass in an antique silver Victorian style setting, to live on and be treasured for years to come. Jaclyn Brzezinski, the designer and maker behind Chrysalis Studios, says she decided to gift the pendant necklaces because they are eye-catching statement pieces, worthy to be worn at star-studded celebrity events, as well as out and about.

Jaclyn explains that all butterfly and moth wings used in her jewelry designsare ethically sourced from butterfly sanctuaries and farms, where they are allowed to live their full life span. They are then collected and made into jewelry, where their beauty lives on in her designs.

She points out, “Butterfly farming helps to preserve rain forests and assure the survival of natural butterfly habitats. Native people are encouraged to grow plants and raise insects as opposed to clearing land for cash crops. Raising and selling insects is the only incentive many indigenous people have to save their tropical forests. Most of these farms also release up to 20% of the butterflies they raise into the wild.”

Jaclyn explains that she is also a member of and donates to the Rainforest Alliance, “a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving rainforests around the world and the many species that live within them, including the Blue Morpho Butterfly.”

Jaclyn, an accomplished artist who has had her art work shown at the 146th Annual American Watercolor Society Exhibit in 2013, began creating her Real Butterfly Wing jewelry in 2008 and the line has taken off since then. “What fascinates me,” she remarks, “is the emotional attachment people have to butterflies. Often, people associate specific colors or species of butterflies with passed loved ones. I create many custom memorial pieces for this reason; it is a sweet way to keep a loved one with you all the time.”

Chrysalis Studios Real Butterfly Wing jewelry can be purchased online at, on Etsy (ChrysalisStudios) and, Ruby’s Gift Shop in Charlotte, North Carolina and The Southern Spirit Gallery in Salisbury, North Carolina.

To learn more about Chrysalis Studios, contact Jaclyn Brzezinski by email or visit Become a fan on Facebook (@chrysalissstudios1), Twitter (@Chrysalis_Art) and Instagram (@ChrysalisStudios).

Jaclyn Brzezinski

Jaclyn Brzezinski, Owner & Designer of Chrysalis Studios

Link to the full press release can be found here:

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