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Jodie Sweetin ("Stephanie Tanner") of "Full House" wearing Chrysalis Studios&#3

I grew up watching "Full House" as one of my favorite childhood TV Shows. When I was 9, I wanted to be DJ Tanner. Therefore, having my jewelry worn on Netflix's new "Full House" reboot, entitled "Fuller House", has been a bit of a dream come true for me! I received ​​an opportunity to send a piece of jewelry to the stylists of "Fuller House" back in August. I immediately knew that I wanted to make a piece for actress Jodie Sweetin's character, "Stephanie Tanner". On the "Fuller House" reboot, the character of Stephanie Tanner has become somewhat of a cool, edgy music DJ and wears a lot of long and layered bohemian type jewelry. She's got sort of a Coachella festival vibe going on.

Therefore, I created a long layering necklace made of a real ethically sourced Doxocopa Cherubina butterfly wing, paired with a labradorite crystal shield on matching 14k gold filled satellite chains. The stylists chose my piece for Jodie Sweetin to wear on the show and the episode aired this September (Season 3, Episode 7)!

Here is a close up of the necklace set. If you would like to purchase your own, here's the link!:

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